A quick introduction:

I am an artist and theatre designer based in London and work across the UK and Europe.

From Yorkshire originally, I spent the best part of a decade in Glasgow, where I trained as a fine artist. I had explored and appropriated stagecraft in various ways throughout my art practice and so it was no surprise when I was attracted and eventually seduced by the world of theatre. 

I grew up with a passion for art, literature and history. Theatre design is an expression of all three in the sense that you are projecting a history of character, space and situation, whilst finding an appropriate visual solution to the text or score. There are so many different aspects to stage design, and that in itself is half the appeal for me.

I was based in Scotland for a number of years where I worked as an exhibiting artist and designed my first few theatre productions. In this period I also began a working relationship with director and designer Stewart Laing, who I worked with on various opera and theatre productions.

I then moved south to study on the post-graduate Motley Theatre Design Course in London, following which I was shortlisted for the Jocelyn Herbert Award and was also a 2007 Linbury Prize finalist.

I've worked with a number of companies over the years including Royal Opera House, English National Opera, Scottish Opera, Metropolitan Opera, Malmö Opera, Skånes Dansteater, Vilnius City Opera, National Theatre, National Theatre of Scotland, Lyric Hammersmith and the Traverse Theatre, whilst also collaborating with exciting young companies such as Liveartshow and Tangled Feet.

My fine art practice has always gone hand in hand with designing for theatre, and I continue to both make and exhibit my own work.

This website will hopefully operate as an online archive and reference point, demonstrating the full range of my creative output. This includes scenography, painting, sculpture, installation, video, photography, play-writing,  musical composition, poetry, model-making and teaching.

Thanks for your time.


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