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Time Out, 26/09/11

Manga Sister - Review **** Critic's Choice

By Andrzej Lukowski

"Martin Constantine's lucid direction, Will Holt's cleanly inventive design and projections, and a uniformly impressive group of singers, dancers and musicians combine to imbue this slight, striking show with gleeful conviction and surprisingly professionalism. An eccentric gem."

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The Big Issue, 15/01/09, "Keeping it in-house"

Far Removed - Review ****

By Steven Corr

"When you think in terms of an ideal location to house new work from two of Glasgow School of Art's most exciting graduates, a warehouse on the outskirts of the city doesn't immediately spring to mind. The studio on Eastvale Place (SWG3), home of Will Holt and Jonny Shaw's new exhibition Far Removed, replaces the hustle and bustle of city life with a post-industrial site. . . . Shaw has taken inspiration from the distorted architectural work of Gaudi, while Holt fuses his backround in fine art with later work in theatre design, evident in his video piece of two actors running lines out of sync - reflecting the script as a starting point for creative thought. After the success of this exhibition, Holt and Shaw are planning to work together in the future. What it contains and where it will be housed is equally exciting."

The Herald, 12/01/09, "Looking behind the scenes of real life"

Far Removed - Arts Feature

By Keith Bruce

"Two graduates of Glasgow School of Art are reuniting to stage a joint show in what could be the city's rawest venue"

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Design Week, 14/11/07, "Linbury Stage prize contenders on show"

Linbury Prize exhibition - Feature

By Nick Smurthwaite

"The winner of the Linbury Biennial Prize for Stage Design is to be announced at the National Theatre in London this week and 12 finalists have been placed at four top drama companies to work alongside directors on a live brief. Nick Smurthwaite looks at works in progress of four of the contenders

Linbury finalist - Will Holt

Production - Varjak Paw

Company - The Opera Group

While working on this musical adaptation of a children's book about a colony of urban cats, the three Linbury finalists were asked to come up with a style of storytelling that evokes the book without leaning too heavily on its striking illustrations by Dave McKean. 'The story is very cinematic, with numerous settings and short scenes,' says finalist Will Holt. 'The main challenge was the fluid movement of one scene to another.' Holt's solution was to create two monolithic plinth-like structures that can be adapted to various uses, as well as a couple of framed lightboxes suspended above the stage, which can be used to suggest different times and settings. The floor of his set, made from steel sheets, has a 'shimmering quality, suggesting the city on a rainy night'. To avoid the cliche of a painted cityscape on the back wall, Holt came up with three interlocking neon skylines in purple, red and blue. 'Colour and light are very important to me,' he says. Director John Fulljames met with each designer four times, providing a sounding board for their ideas, while avoiding steering them in any particular direction. He also gave them a hypothetical budget of £20 000. For Holt, a tight budget 'forces you to come up with ingenious solutions. Ultimately, this is a family show, so you can't afford to be too slick or abstract'."